The Anna Hayman Designs Lampshade Collection

The Anna Hayman Designs Lampshade collection is a true hand made artisan product. These opulent lampshades evoke the glamour of days gone by. Whilst the bold choice of geometric prints take inspiration from Anna’s love of different elements of Twentieth Century design.

From the art deco design of the roaring twenties to the retro graphic prints of the Sixties and Seventies – let’s take a closer look at the origins of this inspiring collection

Creating the print designs

The lampshades are all created from the Anna Hayman Designs fabric collection. These opulent print designs take inspiration from nature as well as Anna’s favourite eras of design. Anna creates drawings and lino prints as the start of the process. The colour choices of black, gold, silver and signature teal are added into the design. The colours reflect the luxury and opulence of the art deco and art nouveau period where sleek finishes and luxury materials such as gold and silver were popular in interior design. Finally the designs go digital, ready to replicate and print onto luxury velvets and duchess satin and create the fabric collection which makes up the lampshades.

Each of Anna’s designs has a story to tell about Twentieth Century art. It’s clear to see the influence of art nouveau in designs such as the Showgirl and Oyster lampshades. The fluid arches echo popular fan motifs from early Twentieth Century design.

The Savannah and Giraffe lampshade designs are nature inspired with their animal print design. The bold colours take inspiration from the art deco era to create an opulent and luxurious palette. The fringing is also inspired by vintage design.

Additionally the collection also takes inspiration from Anna’s love of the Sixties and Seventies bold graphic print designs. The signature Bibana lampshade print is reminiscent of sixties bohemian design.

Whilst Sgt Pepper is a nostalgic and decorative design created from a lino cut print originally based on the ceiling design from a Portuguese church.

The colour brings sixties style whilst the design also contains decorative floral elements more reminiscent of the arts and crafts era.

Creating your perfect lampshade

Choose your perfect fabric

A skilled team of artisans creates every Anna Hayman Designs lampshade here in the UK. They are completely customisable with a wide range of options to suit your decor style. Firstly there’s the choice of fabric. Velvet or alternatively duchess satin which is hand stretched over the lampshade frame and precision trimmed for a perfect shape.

The velvet fabric is thicker and lets out less light than the duchess satin. The lampshades also come with a lining fabric as standard in gold or white. Again the gold lets out less light than the white fabrics.

Choose your perfect size

The lampshades come in the variety of sizes in this list. These are suggestions of which sizes best suit table or floor lamps.

Small – 14” diameter – suitable for a table lamp or pendant

Medium – 16” diameter – suitable for a medium table lamp/floor lamp or pendant

Large – 18” diameter – suitable for a large floor lamp or pendant

Extra Large – 22” diameter – suitable for a very large floor lamp or pendant

When you choose your lampshade you’ll also need to choose your fitting. Choose a spider fitting for a hanging pendant light whilst a carrier fitting is suitable for a table or floor lamp

Tips for choosing your perfect lampshade

Table lamps – perfect in the living room for providing accent lighting, illuminating dark corners and light layering throughout the home. In the bedroom they are a perfect ambient light to add to a dressing table.

Alternatively, place them on bedside tables as a reading light. Normal design rules state that as these lampshades are round they will look best with round lamp bases. However with their art deco heritage and linear patterns these lampshades do look equally good with early Twentieth century square bases.

Floor lamps – look great in large spaces. They add character and create ambience in otherwise empty corners. They are a perfect way to make statements with your décor and add an accent piece.

In a small space they become much more of a feature and can really be the star of the show. Use an interior designer trick and choose a tall floor lamp to create an illusion of height by drawing the eye up.

Customise your lampshade with braid and trim

After many experiments, samples and mood boards the Anna Hayman Designs Lampshade collection which features on the website presents Anna’s favourite selection of lampshades. These feature her preferred options for fringing colours and braid trims for each specific lampshade fabric. However as these products are hand made it is also possible to create a custom order for your perfect lampshade.

Choose the length and colour of your fringing. Fringing is available as a single or double layer. It is also possible to two tone the double layers using two colours such as gold layered on top of black. These options are popular with interior designers looking to create a specific one off piece to match a design scheme.

Anna Hayman Designs fabrics, wallpapers and lampshades have winged their way to discerning customers around the world. They feature in hotels, restaurants, commercial and residential developments. We are always happy to work with interior designers on projects. Do contact us if you have something specific in mind.

To keep up with our latest news and see behind the scenes of Anna’s studio and interior design projects follow @annahaymandesigns on Instagram.


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The Anna Hayman Designs Lampshade Collection

The Anna Hayman Designs Lampshade collection is a true hand made artisan product. These opulent lampshades evoke the glamour of days gone by. Whilst the bold choice of geometric prints take inspiration from Anna’s love of different elements of Twentieth Century...

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