A Vintage Kitchen Makeover – Anna Hayman Style

My home is very much a living canvas for my work as demonstrated with my vintage kitchen makeover. The period it was built has also had a huge influence on my design aesthetic. I decorate often, changing colours, fabrics and accessories to experiment with new ideas.

My House
Firstly let me tell you about the history of the house. The cottage was built in 1926 and the first occupants were workers on the nearby Glynde Estate. Exploring the history of the house and finding out more about the art deco, art nouveau and early 20th Century home design and decor is what inspires my choices. Choices which suit the original period of the cottage as well as my own personal style. To see more of the rooms in my home, take a look at this previous House Tour post

Local History
Nearby Charleston House is a huge inspiration. Charleston is the Sussex home of the Bloomsbury group of early 20th Century artists and writers. I’ve always found the decor style of the Bloomsbury group so inspiring as it is part of the local history of this area. The Charleston interiors are full of post impressionist pattern and colour with an emphasis on arts and craftsmanship which perfectly suits the style and era of my home.

My Vintage Kitchen Makeover
I also like to think of my vintage kitchen makeover as a nod to the Gatsby-esque Bloomsbury era. It’s also a lesson in, not just creativity, but determination to take on and redesign a kitchen by myself.

Before my vintage kitchen makeover, I’d had the original 80’s kitchen from when we moved in. Do you remember those white melamine cupboards with stainless steel strip handles at the top? So unglamorous – they just had to go!

I’ve never been one to follow trends. Whilst most people seem to be opting for traditional shaker or ultra modern sleek kitchens, I was keen to create something in keeping with the period of the house and in my own style. The main aspects of my vintage kitchen makeover are the daring black gloss brick walls, the gold art deco mirror, the black and white fabric cupboard curtains, and my all-time favourite, the brass-look work surfaces.


I was sold on having brass work surfaces but didn’t want the upkeep so these worktops are by Daniel Bland at Bland Design. They are extremely good at offering creative solutions to unique problems. Daniel applied gold leaf to black glossed MDF and then coat with layer upon layer of resin to achieve the same effect. This creates an aged metallic look worktop which is really easy to care for. I am so happy with the result.


The storage and appliances hide behind the Raja herringbone linen curtains from my own fabric collection. Use fabric instead of replacing cupboard doors it’s so much easier and the variety is endless. Who wouldn’t want to just rip off their cupboard doors and replace them with some great fabric. Ticking or linen is a great option for a contemporary country kitchen look. For something more maximalist, try a patterned fabric from my collection. The herringbone linens are washable which makes them practical as well as beautiful.

As a contrast to the monochrome fabric I’ve put some open shelves in reclaimed wood on the walls above the worktops. These give a slightly rustic feel as well as some much needed storage.


Then there’s the black gloss paint on the walls of the kitchen and, although it may not seem so, the black actually makes the small space seem larger! The black creates a sense of infinite space broken only by the mirror reflecting the outside.


On the wall are two stunning art deco shell-shaped wall lamps which I found on Ebay. Overhead, the plain glass lamp shades accentuate the look of the warm glow Edison filament lamp bulbs which are in keeping with the era.


The original quarry tiles from 1926 are still in good condition and look good with the dark design of this kitchen. The gold mirror also adds a touch of art deco glamour which ties it in with the rest of the house. It brings a touch of vintage glamour to an otherwise functional home space. More importantly, it reflects the light from outside all around the glossy room. Other accessories which add to the character are vintage copper kettles, handmade pottery and rustic breadboards.

My vintage kitchen makeover reflects me and my style perfectly – it’s so completely unique. I love the way it completes the 1920’s Gastby-esque aesthetic of the rest of the house. I would also love to design more interesting kitchens like these. If you’re looking for something different for your kitchen or the rest of your home take a look at my web site and Instagram feed to get a feel for my style.

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